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Josh Brock

Austin Brashear

forever austin city Since 1981

Birthed on a cold Kentucky December evening in 1981, Austin City Saloon quickly became a hellraisin hot spot for country music fans far and wide! Their support of live and local music has spawned multiple artists that have gone on to sell millions of albums worldwide.  Like bourbon in an oak barrel, Austin City Saloon just gets better with time.  We feature live and local bands weekly with national touring acts sprinkled in!  These old walls have played host to artists ranging from Keith Whitley to Luke Bryan and a hell of a lot in between with a hell of a lot more to come!  There’s a lot of history to talk about and whether you wanna hear some stories, tell a few, or just listen to some damn fine music, we’re waitin for ya at THE CITY!

From the Owners:

The outside is concrete, wood and tin. Nothing special or magical. Some may even see it as just another bar in an older shopping center on “that” side of town.

But when those front doors open…man…that’s where the story begins. That’s where the walls hold decades of tales. Told and untold. It’s where the sweat of 10,000 musicians has been caught by their chosen instrument.

Those walls have held the low class, the high class, the white and blue collar. The floors, beaten and scuffed by boots, have caught joyful and sad tears alike.

Every soul that enters has a story to tell and the ole walls of this honky tonk listens to every one.
Ya see, we didn’t buy a business…..we’re just the lucky two that get to carry the torch.

Thank you all,
Josh Brock
Austin Brashear
Your new owners of
Austin City Saloon